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1st of May Brunch @ Wärssy 1.5.2024

12–16 | 49 €


Fresh asparagus, parmesan & pine nuts

Sandwich cake with tomato & goat cheese

Potato salad

Deep fried Jerusalem artichoke & créme fraiche with lemon

Grilled bell pepper, feta cheese & arugula

Rainbow trout roe, sour cream & red onion

Gubbröra & malt bread

Rainbow trout pastrami

Caesar salad with shrimps

Bao buns, slowly cooked pork neck, soy pickled cucumber & jalapeno mayonnaise

Roast beef, red onion compote & parsnip chips

Focaccia, root baked bread, spruce sprout butter & cream cheese with thyme



Doughnuts & mead

Rhubarb and toffee cupcakes

Raspberry pannacotta & liquorice

Fruit salad